general dentistry Annapolis, MD

General Dentistry

When it comes to good oral hygiene, finding a quality general dentist is key. Getting regular dental exams and cleanings can help prevent tooth decay and will help protect your natural teeth healthy and prevent them from becoming vulnerable to damage.

Cleanings And Exams Annapolis, MD

Dental Exams

A dental exam is a time for your dentist to check in on your dental health. This is an appointment that is focused on your dental care and is a time to look for problems or prevent them from happening. If you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort, your dentist can look at what might be causing it and diagnose and treat the issue.

If you have a removable or permanent oral appliance such as dental implants or dentures these could affect the health of your surrounding teeth and gums. It’s important to check in with a dentist to make sure everything is functioning properly and that these appliances are helping you, not hurting you.

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Cleanings And Exams Annapolis, MD

Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings should take place every six to twelve months, according to what your dentist advises. By getting your teeth attended to in this way, you could avoid tooth decay, pain and expensive dental procedures and treatments to solve your oral problem.

By scheduling a time for your dentist to clean and remove plaque build-up from your teeth, it keeps your teeth looking better for longer. It can keep your teeth from yellowing and can save you a lot of time, heartache and money!

If you are looking to better care for your oral health, find a general dentist that you can trust. At the Annapolis Dental Suite, we are here to help you better care for your teeth and therefore, better care for your overall health. If you have questions about the general dentistry options that we offer, give us a call today!

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Teeth Whitening Annapolis, MD

Teeth Whitening

The best thing about teeth whitening is that there are so many different options available. You could get your teeth professionally whitened in our office or get a take-home system to do yourself in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. You get to choose how white you want your teeth to look. If you’re struggling with yellowing or stained teeth, stop putting off teeth whitening! It’s simple, quick, and cost-effective.

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Fillings Annapolis, MD


Composite fillings act as a dentistry solution for problems such as tooth decay or cracks. A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. This procedure is also utilized for cosmetic improvements of the smile by fixing any discoloration or reshaping any disfigured teeth.

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Emergency Care Annapolis, MD

Emergency Care

Our highly trained doctors and staff are ready to manage all of your concerns. We have methods to alleviate the pain and help you feel calm during your emergency dental visit.

If you are facing a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at (443) 603-9000!

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