What Part Does Cosmetic Imaging Play in a Smile Makeover?

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Are you thinking about getting a smile makeover? If you are unsure whether a smile makeover is right for you, then cosmetic imaging can help you decide which specific treatments are best for your goals. Read on to learn more about how cosmetic imaging can help you decide.

The role of cosmetic imaging before a smile makeover treatment

Cosmetic imaging is a great way for people to see what the results of a smile makeover will look like before they begin the treatment process. This is particularly useful for people who may be unsure whether a smile makeover is right for them or are simply curious to see how their results will come out once the smile makeover is complete.

What is cosmetic imaging?

Cosmetic imaging is an innovative development that allows smile makeover patients to see what the results of their treatment should look like before they begin the treatment process. Cosmetic imaging uses advanced digital technology to take photos of the patient’s smile and correct imperfections on the images to reveal a realistic, life-like depiction of how the person can look after treatment is complete.

The benefits of cosmetic imaging before a smile makeover

The primary purpose and benefit of cosmetic imaging are to show the individual what their smile will look like if they decide to undergo treatment. This helps many patients feel confident and comfortable with their treatment plan. In some cases, patients can make adjustments based on the cosmetic images. For example, a patient may decide that dental veneers are a better solution than dental bonding based on the images provided by the dental team.

How cosmetic imaging works

The way cosmetic imaging works is simple for the patient, although the technology is sophisticated and complex. The first step is for the dentist and the patient to discuss treatment goals and decide on a smile makeover treatment plan. The dentist then starts by taking a photo of the patient’s smile from different angles. Then, using advanced technology, they can correct imperfections digitally on the photos and show you images of what your results should look like once treatment is complete. This is all completed within an hour in most cases.

What issues can a smile makeover address?

Cosmetic imaging shows how a smile makeover can address specific imperfections in the patient’s smile. Examples of cosmetic issues that a smile makeover can address are tooth stains, misshapen teeth, uneven teeth, tooth damage, and a gummy smile. A smile makeover can also address many other types of cosmetic imperfections the patient may choose to address during the smile makeover treatment process.

Are you interested in cosmetic imaging before your smile makeover?

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